Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sock Monkeys :)

Good Morning!!!
I have been busy crafting but not the usual card. I saw someone selling these sock monkeys on facebook and decided i wanted to try making some just for fun :) There are loads of tutorials on the web but i found this one on craftbits really helpful and easy to follow. Once you have made one though you wont need to look at the instructions again its that easy lol
I bought the socks, stuffing and googly eyes from Boyes.
Heres the first sock monkey I made with spotty socks, I think I made the tail plenty long enough though haha

The second sock monkey i made with boyes stripey socks and made a shorter tail lol

Then my sister decided she thought they were cute and she wanted one! These socks were from The Factory Shop.

Now a couple of group photos hehe

Hope you like my sock monkeys and thanks for taking a look :)


Michelle said...

wow these are fantastic Rachael, who would of thought they started life as socks. xx

Redrottie said...

they look a right bunch of cheeky monkeys hehe xxxx brill

pickle said...

oh they are fab!! love their funky ears lol

xGemmax said...

These are fantastic.....i really do need to get some done for my kids!
hugs and xxx

Alizabethy said...

I just love them all - fabulous!

Fiona said...

These are fabulous Rachael. Love the 'poses' in the photos!! x

Irene said...

These are fab will have a look at instructions when I have more time,

skated said...

These are super, i love them

Kate xxx